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Use Online Marketing to Adapt to the Changing Marketplace

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Estimates suggest that, by 2016, online marketing and web presence will influence more than half of the dollars spent in the retail sector of the United States. That means that any business that wants to expand, and does not want to be left behind in the coming years, will need to have a great strategy that will bolster its web presence. For most, that means having a great SEO strategy. Search engine optimization, by improving the overall quality and content visibility of a website increases its organic ranking. Considering how often search engines are used today, a SEO strategy is nearly a necessity.

In 2012, it was estimated that, of U.S. internet users aged 14 and up, 88.1 percent would browse or research products online. Consequently, having a SEO campaign is necessary for a company in order to direct that large population to their products and services. While some might do this work in house, others will use a SEO reseller in order to take advantage of their skills and expertise. Regardless of the methods, a well developed and executed SEO campaign can go a long way towards giving a business a stronger web presence and helping it build a larger customer base.

Although SEO is one of the most important strategies in building a great online marketing campaign, there are other factors that come into play as well. One of those is having a strong social media presence. Of the many social media marketers, 94 percent of them track the number of fans and followers they have. Doing that, and entering a conversation with them, is a great way for a business optimize its web presence. While many companies will use SEO strategies that might not be noticed by consumers, a great social media presence can set a business apart from its competition.

Having a great web presence and SEO strategies is no longer just an option for businesses. It is a necessity. Online sales will grow to nearly 9 percent of all retail sales by 2016, according to Forrester Research, and a company needs a strong online marketing plan to take advantage of that. This plan might is likely to include a combination of SEO and other tactics, like social media. But while not every plan is going to work for every business, the right one can make the difference between a struggling and thriving business.

Now Is The Time For SEO Resellers

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It is important for an SEO reseller to be aware of how internet marketing is changing. Statics show that 70 percent of the links that search engine users will click are “organic” results, which mean that they have original content that the user would deem to be what they are looking for. These same users tend to steer away from sponsored links and other forms of advertisement, because as the digital age becomes progressively more connected, people also become much more aware of genuine content. An SEO reseller needs to be able to find plans which can help them to give clients the power to reach search engines and their users, and do so consistently.

Because 79 percent of users say they almost always click on natural search results, while 80 percent say they do not click on sponsored results or ads, search marketing has become a vital part of any online marketing that a company will do. Businesses will be looking for social media resellers, as well as SEO resellers and web design resellers who can help them to meet and overcome new challenges that await in an age where there are more connected, discerning consumers online than ever before. The right SEO reseller program can help resellers to address these needs, and in many cases can even help you to sustain several different contracts at once. That means that you can expand your client base, take on new clients regularly, and provide your older clients with quality content.

As an SEO reseller this is going to be vital; the search engine industry is worth approximately $16 billion, and that figure grows every day. There is a lot of money to be made in online marketing, but there is also a great deal of competition. SEO reseller plans can help you to stand apart from other resellers, but you need to choose the right plans to fulfill your needs and the needs of your clients. With over $200 billion in sales in 2011, eCommerce is a force to be reckoned with for online and brick and mortar businesses. An SEO reseller who is able to deliver the best results will be able to tap into the power that eCommerce, online marketing, and other services can bring to a client. With online sales expected to grow from 7 percent to 9 percent of all retail sales by 2016, now is the time to build your business.

The Advantages Of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to spread your brand or message at a very minimal cost of investment. If you are interested in starting a small business that will be internet based, or even if your business will be one with an actual physical store, internet marketing can provide you with a solution that will reduce your overall marketing and advertising costs. Many of the tools used for internet marketing are already built into the systems and plans provided by marketing companies, so your investment of time will be reduced as well.

With traditional marketing, you may expect to pay a great deal of money per advertisement. Depending on the type of advertising that you decide to use for your company, you could also pay for time on radio and television stations as well. These may yield some good results, but you will not be paying for direct results like you will be with internet marketing. Marketing that is performed on the internet can result in a much higher user interest rate, thanks to the direct correspondence between users clicking on links and reading the information that you are providing them with.

Internet marketing differs from traditional marketing in a few very fundamental ways. For example, with traditional marketing you may not see a lot of collaboration between the advertisements themselves. Businesses do not often advertise the services of other businesses, and interest is not usually determined by the amount of people who view an advertisement but instead by how many people physically visit that business. With internet marketing, however, you will be able to advertise your site on other sites with similar topics and products. Internet marketing can give you access to very broad link networks that will cover a number of different topics, products, and services, all of which could be related to what it is that your company does.

Internet marketing has proven results, and has been one of the main points of focus for many companies as more users go to the internet to find the products and services that they are looking for. Do not let your company get left behind from the trend. Speak with an internet marketing firm about your options, and find out what this powerful form of marketing can do for your company outlook. You may be surprised at the results you get.

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