How Social Media Affects Marketers

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The growing popularity of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are changing the way people shop online. In fact, almost two thirds of smart phone users purchase products and services on the internet use their device. In addition to mobile internet connectivity, social media sites are forcing changes in the marketing world. Did you know 90 percent of adults who are using the internet have at least one social media profile or account? There is a huge market opening up for resellers and social media marketing firms because not even one third of businesses outsource all of their social media marketing needs.

The online retail industry is experiencing growth in sales because of the internet connectivity mobile devices provide. The United States retail industry will experience more than half of all the money spent in retail coming from online marketing campaigns and websites. Therefore, the internet is producing growth in the retail sector. It is important know what website owners are demanding when it comes to recognizing opportunities. Social media has definitely effected marketers in a positive way and resellers have more opportunities than ever because of the growth of social networking. Resellers providing extra services, such as web design, produce more clients for marketing firms.

Tracking hundreds or thousands of fans and followers sounds like a nightmare for most of us. In reality, marketers cannot keep up with that many fans and followers and outsourcing SMM is necessary to compete online. The lack of in house talent is one of the major reasons why website owners must outsource their marketing needs. Be sure to read reviews about reseller programs before signing up with a marketing firm. Reviews are important because they disclose the quality of a marketing firm and a reseller program. Social media is here to stay and there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of online.

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